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Bizon Z058 NH

Description: Author: DImson LS15: bobas315 (STOP Team) Combine a basic script. The prohibition of changing the link, signing on as the author of modifications. Download: Bizon Z058 NH []

fendt-1050-grip_1 0


Description: The tractor has: – Panel IC – Opening the door, the rear window – More realistic skin – Foldable front linkage – Moving the rear hitch – Animation hands farmer – Revolution counters,...

ural-4320-v2-by-xt3-181_1 0

Ural 4320 v2 by XT3 181

Description: Authors: Marc85, Blacky_BPG, XT3_181 Features: – 240 hp, 55 km/h. – Lightings, mirrors, dashboard, realistic physics and car cameras, animation, unloading, stopping work. – Culture Standard carries sand and others. – Capacity –...

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KalkSilotrailer v1.0 wsb

Description: Here’s a KalkSilotrailer from GDR times LS15wsb… (NOT completely rebuilt) more: TSL Agricultural Engineering * Fruits: wheat barley rape maize lime fertilizer oat rye sunflower * Capa: 35,000 * Washable * Co-steering last...